Steve Karolewics

I am a graphics engineer living in Seattle, WA with interests in graphics spanning from lighting & shading to core renderer architecture to performance optimizations.

Most recently, I was a Senior Graphics Engineer at Amazon Game Studios, where I led a team of graphics engineers on The Grand Tour Game. I seek projects with a clear vision, difficult technical problems to solve, and an amicable team to collaborate with. I strive to be able to learn from the experience and knowledge of others, improve relationships between art teams and graphics engineers, and help more junior engineers hone their skills.

Most often, I write code in C++ with DirectX and HLSL. I also have experience with C#, Unity, Lumberyard, and XNA.

Latest Article: Anti-Ghosting with Temporal Anti-Aliasing

March 28, 2019

Final Result

For The Grand Tour Game, we invested in temporal anti-aliasing to help make the show’s vehicles beautiful. This article illustrates ghosting artifacts that we encountered, and how we solved them using both existing techniques and new innovations.